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Desmotec in Action with World-Class Athletes: Revolutionising Training

Desmotec in Action with World-Class Athletes: Revolutionising Training

Desmotec in Action with World-Class Athletes: Revolutionising Training

Desmotec flywheel training has become a game-changer for athletes seeking to enhance their performance. 

Desmotec in Action with World-Class Athletes: Revolutionising Training
Desmotec in Action with World-Class Athletes: Revolutionising Training

Unlike traditional weight training, Desmotec utilises the inertia of spinning discs,  to overload the Eccentric phase of the movement(EOL). This technology has been embraced by world-class athletes like Justin Gatlin, Christiano Renaldo,Oscar Rivas,Petra Vlhova,Marie-Eve Dicare and most of the top 10 tennis players amongst others; all of them having seen improvements in power, coordination and precision.  Eccentric Overload training(EOL) increases hypertrophy, power and muscle activation. Further it is a great tool for prehab to prevent injury  making it an indispensable tool in modern sports training.

Athletic performance

In the ever-evolving landscape of athletic performance, the quest for the most effective training methods is relentless. Enter Desmotec flywheel training, a revolutionary approach that is rapidly gaining traction among top-tier athletes. This cutting-edge technology shifts the paradigm from traditional weight lifting to a more dynamic and responsive form of resistance training. Desmotec’s unique system utilises the inertia generated by spinning discs, offering resistance that directly correlates with the athlete’s effort. This adaptability ensures that the intensity of the workout matches the athlete’s capabilities at every moment, leading to optimal muscle engagement and development.

Desmotec’s appeal lies not only in its innovative mechanics but also in its proven results. Athletes such as 100m World Champion Justin Gatlin, WBC Bridgerweight titleholder Oscar Rivas, and IBF female Light Middleweight titleholder Marie-Eve Dicare have incorporated Desmotec into their training regimes with remarkable outcomes. This article delves into the principles behind Desmotec flywheel training, explores its benefits over traditional methods, and highlights testimonials from world-class athletes who swear by its effectiveness.

The Mechanics of Desmotec Flywheel Training

At the core of Desmotec’s technology is the concept of inertial resistance. Unlike conventional weights that rely on gravity, Desmotec’s resistance comes from the spinning of a flywheel. When an athlete exerts force on the device, the flywheel spins, and the energy created during the concentric phase (muscle shortening) is stored as kinetic energy. This energy is then released during the eccentric phase (muscle lengthening), pulling the athlete back and requiring them to resist, thus engaging muscles and tendons more thoroughly.

The system’s responsiveness means that the harder an athlete works, the greater the resistance they encounter. This continuous adjustment helps maintain a consistent level of challenge, preventing the plateau effect often seen in traditional training. Moreover, the emphasis on eccentric training — the muscle’s lengthening phase, which is typically underutilised in standard workouts — has been shown to be particularly effective for muscle hypertrophy and Power.

Benefits Over Traditional Training

Traditional forms of weight training are essential for building strength and power however they mainly work the Concentric phases of the movement and in so doing underwork the Eccentric phase.

Eccentric contractions exploit greater muscular mechanical efficiency in comparison to concentric contractions because greater levels of force can be produced with less energy.

(Hody et al 2019, Zamparo et al 2015)

Accentuated Eccentric muscle contractions can elicit a few beneficial neuromuscular adaptations: 

  1. Improved motor unit synchronization
  2. Selective Recruitment of Higher -order Motor Units
  3. Greater motor unit discharge rate(Hody et al 2019)

These responses represent key aspects for muscular strength and power development(Douglas et al 2017) and,of course, also in rehab.

The way to really work the Eccentric phase of the movement is by overloading it -Eccentric Overload TraningEOL) and this is best done on flywheel devices such as the Desmotec range.

Eccentric movements are crucial for muscle hypertrophy, power, and injury prevention. By focusing on this phase, Desmotec helps athletes build resilience and reduce the likelihood of injuries. This is particularly important for sports that require explosive movements and rapid direction changes, such as sprinting, boxing, and football.

World-Class Athletes and Desmotec

Several elite athletes have integrated Desmotec into their training with exceptional results.

Justin Gatlin

Justin Gatlin, the 100m World Champion in 2017, has leveraged Desmotec to enhance his explosive power. His coach, Denis Mitchell, attributes part of Gatlin’s success to the improvements in muscle power and efficiency gained through Desmotec’s eccentric training. By focusing on high-speed, high-intensity workouts, Gatlin has been able to maintain peak performance levels and achieve rapid recovery.

Oscar Rivas

Oscar Rivas, WBC Bridgerweight title holder 2021-2023, uses Desmotec to develop reactive power in his lower limbs. His training sessions on the Desmotec D.Sport involve high-speed front squats, which help build peak velocity and improve eccentric force absorption. This has translated into more powerful punches and better agility in the ring.

Marie-Eve Dicare

Marie-Eve Dicare, reigning IBF female Light Middleweight champion, incorporates Desmotec for precision and speed in her footwork. Using the Desmotec V.Full, Dicare performs lateral steps to enhance her core strength and power transfer, crucial for her performance in the ring.

Desmotec in Various Sports

Desmotec’s versatility extends beyond individual training; it has found applications in various sports, enhancing performance across the board.


Footballers, including the legendary Cristiano Ronaldo during his tenure at Real Madrid, have benefited from Desmotec’s eccentric training to improve strength and reduce injury risks. The focus on both concentric and eccentric phases ensures balanced muscle development, essential for the sport’s demands.

Canoeing and Fencing

Olympic silver medalist Manfredi Rizza utilises Desmotec to enhance his paddling power, while Olga Kharlan, a four-time World Champion in fencing, incorporates it to boost her reaction times and agility. The precise and adaptable resistance provided by Desmotec is ideal for these sports, where quick, explosive movements are critical.

Skiing and Tennis

Skiers like Petra Vlhová and Alex Vinatzer, along with tennis players Stefanos Tsitsipas and Lorenzo Sonego, have integrated Desmotec into their training to enhance strength, speed, and endurance. The focus on eccentric movements helps these athletes build the resilience needed to withstand the intense physical demands of their sports.

The Science Behind the Success

Research supports the efficacy of flywheel training in improving athletic performance. Studies have shown that eccentric training can lead to greater muscle hypertrophy and strength gains compared to traditional methods. Additionally, the variable resistance of flywheel devices like Desmotec helps prevent overuse injuries by ensuring that the load on the muscles is always appropriate.

Desmotec flywheel training represents a significant advancement in the realm of athletic performance enhancement. By harnessing the principles of inertial resistance and focusing on both concentric and eccentric movements, Desmotec provides a comprehensive and adaptive training solution. The positive experiences of world-class athletes like Justin Gatlin, Oscar Rivas, and Marie-Eve Dicare underscore its effectiveness and potential to revolutionise training methodologies across various sports.

In a world where the margins between victory and defeat are razor-thin, the ability to train smarter and more efficiently can make all the difference. Desmotec offers athletes that edge, ensuring they can push their limits safely and effectively.

Desmotec flywheel training offers a revolutionary approach to athletic training, focusing on variable resistance and eccentric movements. This method has been embraced by elite athletes such as Justin Gatlin, Oscar Rivas, and Marie-Eve Dicare, who have seen significant improvements in performance and injury prevention. The adaptability of Desmotec’s resistance ensures that athletes can train at their optimal level, preventing plateaus and enhancing muscle engagement. With proven benefits across various sports, Desmotec is set to become a cornerstone of modern athletic training.

“The harder an athlete works, the greater the resistance they encounter. This continuous adjustment helps maintain a consistent level of challenge, preventing the plateau effect often seen in traditional training.”

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