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Maximise Skiing Performance with Desmotec V.Sport: World Champion Petra Vlhová’s Training Secret

Maximise Skiing Performance with Desmotec V.Sport: World Champion Petra Vlhová’s Training Secret

Petra Vlhová, a professional Slovak World Cup alpine ski racer, has taken the skiing world by storm with her exceptional skills in slalom and giant slalom.

As the current world champion in giant slalom, her training regimen is critical to maintaining her peak performance. One integral component of her training is the use of Desmotec V.Sport devices, which are designed to enhance power, velocity, and overall athletic performance through the Eccentric overloading which comes with training with the devices.

The Exercise: Core Activation and Power Transfer

In a recent training session, Petra performed an exercise focusing on core activation and power transfer. This exercise involves pushing with one arm while preventing trunk rotation, thereby activating the core muscles. Additionally, small leg extensions are incorporated to maximise power output during the movement. By holding the handle of the Desmotec device, Petra ensures her core is fully engaged, optimising the transfer of power. As she pushes one way the flywheel pulls her back as hard the other way and creates Eccentric overload.

This exercise is just a small part of Petra’s personalised training programme. The ultimate goal is to maximise her skiing performance, ensuring she remains at the top of her sport.

Training with Desmotec Devices

Desmotec V.Sport is a crucial element of Petra’s training due to its compact design and portability. The device allows athletes and trainers to transport it easily, facilitating training sessions anywhere. This flexibility is essential for maintaining consistent training routines, whether at home, in a gym, or on the slopes.

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Benefits of Desmotec V.Sport

  1. Compact Design: The sleek, compact design of the Desmotec V.Sport makes it easy to transport and set up in various training environments.
  2. High Power and Velocity: Desmotec devices enable athletes to develop high power and velocity safely, which is crucial for performance sports like skiing.
  3. Core Activation: Exercises performed with Desmotec V.Sport engage the core muscles effectively, leading to better stability and power transfer during athletic movements.
  4. Safe Training: The device allows athletes to train at high intensities without compromising safety, reducing the risk of injury.

Technology Behind DesmotecDesmotec technology is based on the principles of inertial resistance training. Unlike traditional weights, Desmotec devices use flywheels to create resistance. This method provides a more dynamic and adjustable form of resistance and an Eccentric overload, which can be fine-tuned to match the specific needs of the athlete.

Applications in Professional Sports

Desmotec V.Sport is widely used by professional athletes across almost every sport. Its ability to enhance power and velocity makes it suitable for disciplines that require explosive movements ie  almost every sport. The versatility of Desmotec devices also makes them valuable tools for physiotherapists and trainers working on rehabilitation and performance enhancement because they activate the High threshold Motor control units.

The Future of Athletic Training

The integration of Desmotec V.Sport into Petra Vlhová’s training programme highlights a shift towards more versatile and dynamic training methods. As athletes seek to gain competitive edges, the use of innovative training technologies like Desmotec will become increasingly prevalent. These devices not only enhance performance but also contribute to safer training practices, ensuring athletes can train effectively without the risk of injury.

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