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Why Power Lift?


Stability - All Power Lift racks are made of steel that is thicker than 7 gauge-The thicker they are the more stable they are.
Safety - The 15 safety slots, supporting the bar catches, are laser cut. The bar catches have double pins for extra load bearing qualities.
Wear and Tear - Black wrinkle coat paint is used, as it is more resistant to dents and scratches.

Rack Attachments

Power Lift make a huge variety of attachments to go on their racks to make it possible for Coaches to cover the full range of exercises.


Durability - The centre section of the Platform is 3 ¾” thick grade 1 red oak and this extends through its entire length, making it far harder wearing than composites.
Stability - The centre section attaches to the wing sections by a tongue and groove fitting. This creates a much sturdier platform.
Finish - No peeling of logo and yellowing of surface. The platforms are finished, sanded and sealed with 2 costs of oil-modified urethane sealer and 1 coat of High Gloss oil-modified urethane. After the logos are applied 4 coats of a water based urethane are applied. This achieves a clear, non-yellowing, high gloss, super durable finish that will last for years. Vinyl logos stay protected and the true colours show through and never yellow unlike those that use an oil based finish.

'Lever Action' Bench (Patented)

Ease of Adjustment - The linear bearing slide adjustment provides frictionless seat adjustment. The lever is easy to use whilst in the seated position making it unnecessary to get off the bench to adjust it. It has 12 different horizontal positions for all sizes of athlete.

Support and comfort - The Patented linkage system adjusts the seat angle when the back pad angle is adjusted; this eliminates the need for a separate seat adjustment. This also eliminates any gap or hole between the back and seat pads, providing better support for the lifter.

Other PowerLift equipment

Whether PowerLift are making accessories for their racks, from Technique Trays to Rotating Chin Up Handles, or stand alone benches such as the Rotating Glute Ham Bench or the stand alone units, such as the Free Standing Combo Pulley, Plate Loaded Equipment or the Pro Select Line, they use the same manufacturing techniques incorporated in the construction of the Racks, Benches and Platforms. These techniques invariably provide a better quality product through strength, stability, comfort, ease of use and lasting finish.

Technique Trays

  • Adjustable
  • Available on all racks
  • Raises bar for technique training

Rotating Glute Ham Bench

  • Rotating thigh pads
  • Gas Assist Adjustable height ankle restraint and adjustable horizontal position.
  • Optional Band Hooks
  • Patented Design

2 Station Pulley

  • Rotating thigh pads
  • Gas Assist Adjustable height ankle restraint and adjustable horizontal position.
  • Optional Band Hooks
  • Patented Design

Dual Stack Functional Trainer

  • Shown with Optional Seated High Pull and Seated Low Pull
  • Standard Features include Dual adjustable Cable Columnds, Accessory Storage, Rotating Chin Handles.
  • 2 X 300 lb. Weight Stacks

Plate Loaded

Power Lift's Uni-lateral and Bi-lateral Leg Press lets athletes work their legs simultaneously or independently. The leg press is great for balancing strength in athlete’s legs or targeting one leg at a time.


  • Length: 105
  • Width: 62".
  • Height: 63"
  • Weight: 1100 lbs.


  • 1/4" A36 Plate formed into channels which supports each carriage. Other materials used are; 3 1/2" x 2 1/2"-3/16" wall tubing, 3" x 2" x 11 ga. A500 tubing, 2" x 2" x 11 ga. A500 tubing.
  • 4 Load bearing wheels per carriage..
  • Leg Press angle is 40 degrees - foot plates angle back 10 degrees from perpendicular surface of carriage."
  • Back pad is adjustable to 2 different angles 35 and 45 degrees from horizontal..
  • Built in weight storage
  • Empty carriage weight of 100 lbs.
  • Both carriages can be locked together to perform bi-lateral movements or un-locked to perform uni-lateral movements.

Pro Select Machines

Power Lift ProSelect has taken weight stack selectorized resistance machines to another level. Most ProSelect machines feature an incredible 300 lb. weight stack that is adjustable in 10 lb. increments and come with a 5 lb. add-on weight. ProSelect machines utilize 4 bar linkage strength curve system or biomechanicially correct cams. Every machine features a metal weight stack shield for added safety. Please check back often more machines will be added soon or call us for the latest catalog.


From stones to logs, thick bars to the Super Yoke, the Mastiff range covers all the accessories required by the Powerlifters and strong man competitors. Power Lift’s Deadlift Bar offers your athletes a bar designed specifically for deadlifts. This deadlift bar has three different grip sizes and weighs at 100 lbs. when empty. This design allows for the bumpers to be loaded and unloaded with the bar on the ground. For the ultimate deadlift, make sure your facility has this bar on-hand.