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Injury Prevention And Rehab

ECCENTRIC  flywheel training focuses exercise on the eccentric phase of movements. Eccentric movements are crucial to our day-to-day function, they are controlled movements in which the active muscle is lengthened such as slowing or stopping when walking to cross the road or sitting down into a chair. Eccentric muscle power allows you to move with control and efficiency, improving function and reducing the risk of injury. Using eccentric movements in training helps to enhance muscle activation and maximise strength gains.

Most injuries will be caused in the Eccentric phase of motion so eccentric overload  training is a very good Injury prevention tool. In the case of  rehabilitation the Desmotec Flywheel devices increase muscle activation and coordination by recruiting those high-threshold motor units and thus aids a quicker recovery whilst decreasing Muscle stress. They also reduce inflammation and pain in Tendons.

With the Desmotec Devices you have one complete system for recovery. The Integrated Load cells in each device measure the force in each leg or arm so immediately the physiotherapist can check for  imbalances



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Lara Colturi recovering from ACL injury