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How does Flywheel training compare with traditional Weight Training?

With traditional weights, resistance is generated by moving against gravity as when you stand from a squatting position. Flywheel training uses inertial discs to create resistance and the faster you stand up the faster it will pull you back down. This extra force must be controlled and the body uses high-threshold motor units to do this. This recruitment/activation leads to an improvement in coordination and the ability of the body to produce power.

The muscles are stronger in the lengthening or ECCENTRIC phase of motion than the shortening or concentric phase and in many traditional Weight training movements it is difficult to overload the ECCENTRIC phase.

For many years leading strength coaches have known about the value of  ECCENTRIC training  to create activation in certain motor units. They have used various methods like  Super Slow Negative work with assistance on Bench Press

Adding Weight by attaching Weight-releases to the barbell on both Bench Press and Back Squat, Which will Fall off at the Start of the Concentric Phase



ECCENTRIC Overloading attempts with Bench Press and Back Squat

Or by using Plyometric Box Drops

Whilst this has been effective it has also been limited. Flywheels devices make this process of  ECCENTRIC OVERLOADING, much easier

During eccentric contraction the load on the muscle is greater than the force developed by the muscle itself. This increases mechanical tension which forces the muscle to respond. This is  what is termed ECCENTRIC OVERLOAD.

The ECCENTRIC OVERLOAD produces a greater activation in the motor control units( the body’s breaking system) and thus a greater neuromuscular response. Promoting control and stability. These high level ECCENTRIC contractions also produce greater hypertrophy of fast twitch fibres and thus increases the explosive Power of the athlete. As well as increased power there is a body of scientific evidence that states that ECCENTRIC and training is also leading to strength gains.

The flywheel forces the user into continuous work. Concentric to Eccentric to Concentric continuously. Therefore more work occures in a shorter period of time. Sessions are shorter, repetitions fewer.

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