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Power Lift Product of the month - November 2017

The Safety Squat Bar.

  • – Variable hand position
  • 70 LBS empty

Deadlift Trap Bar:

  • 100 LBS empty
  • Floor bumpers standard
  • 3 different grip sizes

Thick Bars

For speed and endurance training / building maximum functional grip strength and endurance / partial repetition deadlifts for endurance or maximum deadlifts up to 1000 lbs / shrugs. Works the hips, hamstrings, traps, forearms, and hands. The farmer’s walk is a great finishing movement at the end of workout or practice. Each implement is: 3’ Long x 6” in diameter, handles are centered and raised 8” off of the pipe. Each implement weighs 75 lbs empty and can hold an additional 500 lbs.

Farmer Walk

Thick bar training increases grip and wrist strength. Athletes who use thick bars in their training notice a 3-8% gain in strength when they go back to a conventional Olympic bar movement. Any movement that can be performed with a conventional Olympic bar can be performed with a thick bar

  • 2” Bar – Olympic bar length – 20 lbs empty
  • 2 3/8” Bar – Olympic bar length – 35 lbs empty
  • 3” Bar – Olympic bar length – 70 lbs empt


The sled is excellent for conditioning the thighs, hamstrings, quadriceps, and hips. The sled helps athletes increase their 40 yard times by increasing the load which increases the pulling intensity. The sled is a great finishing movement because it teaches an athlete to push themselves when they are physically and mentally tired. (Harness not included) The sled weighs 70 lbs empty and Olympic plates can be added to increase the resistance.

Super Sled

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Super Yoke

The safest way to perform partial squats and increase full squat strength. Allows athletes to increase their speed in sprints and short distances 40-100 feet. Excellent way to keep athletes interested and enthusiastic about training. The Yoke is adjustable for the athlete’s height. Yokes weigh 275 lbs empty and can hold an additional 1000 lbs.

Steel Log

For speed and endurance training /maximum repetition training / power cleans with palms in / bench press with the palms facing in / standing or seated shoulder press with palms facing in / standing forearm curls / clean and press hits different muscle groups not worked in conventional power clean.

  • 4′ Long
  • 6′ diameter
  • 90 lbs empty and will hold an additional 300 lbs