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UltraSlide Testimonials

“ULTRASLIDE® is the best slideboard on the market. Some of ours are ten years old and still working perfectly. We use them with every athlete we train regardless of sport. Thanks for a great product.”

Michael Boyle Strength and Conditioning Consultant Author, “Functional Training For Sports”

“ULTRASLIDE® is the only board that we use with our players.  The durability of the boards is terrific.  It continues to be an integral part of our process.”
Sean Skahan, M.Ed., C.S.C.S. Strength and Conditioning Coach Mighty Ducks of Anaheim

“We are very happy with the ULTRASLIDE® slideboard.  The non-slip underside, ability to adjust the length, durability and team logo embedded on the board are all the reasons that make it the best slide board out there.”
Frank Velasquez Jr, ATC, CSCS Strength and Conditioning Coordinator Pittsburgh Pirates Baseball Club

“ULTRASLIDE® had provided us with a safe and effective training and rehab tool for our athletes. ULTRASLIDE’s custom-made 10′ board allows our athletes to simulate a full stride without compromising form or technique. Plus, it takes quite a bit of pounding and hasn’t missed a day of work!”

Paul Goldberg MS, RD, CSCS
Strength Coach/Dietitian
Colorado Avalanche

“ULTRASLIDE® has been a part of our functional conditioning program for the past 7 years. Through the implementation of a variety of creative drills, the ULTRASLIDE® becomes an excellent conduit for developing agility, coordination, balance, strength, and power. In addition, depending upon your training goals, the ULTRASLIDE will definitely challenge your anaerobic and/or aerobic energy systems.”

Greg Brittenham
Assistant Coach/Player Development
New York Knicks

“We have tried a number of different slide boards over the years and the ULTRASLIDE® is simply the best. The ULTRASLIDE® is a valuable tool in the Chicago White Sox program for developing lateral strength and power for both our pitchers and our position players.”

Steve Odgers, CSCS
Boras Sports Training Institute

“Athletes’ Performance was created to provide the optimal training environment for our World Class Athletes. We use ULTRASLIDE® equipment every day in a wide variety of ways from mobility, stability, strength, and energy system development training. The ULTRASLIDE® continues to meet our stringent quality specifications on a daily basis.”

Mark Verstegen
Athletes’ Performance

“The ULTRASLIDE® board is a tremendous low impact conditioning tool for any athlete that competes in sports that require lateral speed and agility.”

Shawn Windle
Head Strength and Conditioning Coach
Indiana Pacers

“ULTRASLIDE® has proven invaluable in my athletes’ preparation. It’s the single best tool for lateral training and conditioning.”

Tim Grover
A.T.T.A.C.K. Athletics

“The Oakland Raiders attribute a large part of our success in accelerated rehabilitation to the versatility of the ULTRASLIDE® slide board. We have found it to be extremely beneficial in both upper and lower body rehabilitation.”

Rod Martin
Head Athletic Trainer
Oakland Raiders

“I have used the ULTRASLIDE® now at 3 major universities (Boston College, University of Georgia, and The Ohio State University). There is no question that these boards are the best on the market. I recommend them to any program looking for a quality board capable of withstanding today’s training regimens.”

Anthony Glass, MS.Ed., CSCS, HFI
Director of Strength & Conditioning/Olympic Sports
Ohio State University