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Desmotec in action with World Class Athletes

The Desmotec flywheel is the perfect complement to traditional Weight Training. Instead of moving against gravity, resistance is increased by the inertia of spinning discs. The faster you move on the Concentric phase the faster you will be pulled in the ECCENTRIC phase

Justin Gatlin -100m World Champion 2017

Denis Mitchell coach of Justin Gatland talks about Desmotec helping with the explosive power.

Oscar Rivas, Colombia, WBC Bridgerweight title holder 2021 -2023. also challenged for the WBC interim heavyweight title in 2019.

In this video he is performing the Front squat on the Desmotec D.Sport at high speed. He uses the ECCENTRIC training to develop and improve reactive power in his lower limbs. His session includes 4 sets of 4 fast short movements to create peak velocity before absorbing the ECCENTRIC force with a full squat

Marie-Eve Dicare, Canadian professional boxer-IBF female Light Middleweight title from 2018 to today.

In this exercise she performs a Lateral Step using the Desmotec V.Full. The main aim is to improve speed and precision relative to footwork. The handle is held centrally to involve the core and maximize power transfer.

Christiano Ronaldo at Real Madrid

Desmotec Football

Canoe-Manfredi Rizza-Olympic Silver Medalist

Fencing -Olga Kaharlan-4 time World Champion


Petra Vlhová - 2022 Winter Olympics Slalom Gold Medalist and World Cup overall title in 2021 (1st Slovak skier to achieve these feats)

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Skiing -Alex Vinatzer

Skiing -US Ski Team

Tennis-Stefanos Tsisipas

Tennis-Lorenzo Sonego


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Desmotec in Rugby, Canoeing, Basketball, Volleyball, Fencing, Skiing & Tennis

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