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What would the Desmotec Eccentric Training Devices add to a traditional warm up.

This paper looks at how Desmotec Eccentric training devices may enhance your  warm up and make you better prepared for competition.

The Desmotec devices are highly portable and easy to have on the sideline or in the warm up area at tourmnaments. The  Postactivation Potentiation(PAP) from using Desmotec flywheel devices is significant and will have an increased initial impact between 3-9 minutes after work.


Eccentric Overload(EOL) 

Eccentric Overload(EOL) training is a methodology used to improve sports performance, and it is commonly generated from flywheel devices because it is easiest done this way.

They create more power in less time than other methods of work in a functional way(from 20-60% more than Concentric isometric contraction)


The Science


Eccentric Overload Training(EOL) was found to be a valid exercise to stimulate PAP.

EOL bout increased the jump height, peak power, impulse and peak force during a CMJ, as well as the quadriceps and hamstrings isokinetic strength in male athletes. Optimal time window for PAP was 3-9 minutes post exercise but also some increments were observed at 1 minute

(Effects of Postactivation Potentiation(PAP) after an Eccentric Overload bout on Countermovement Jump and Lower-Limb muscle strength- Marco Beato,Adam Stiff and Giuseppe Coratella)

Optimal sets and rests of Eccentric  Overload Training(EOL) was found to be  2 or 3 sets of 6 repetitions with a 2 minute passive rest recover. 

Effect of Volume on Eccentric Overload–Induced Postactivation Potentiation of Jumps Kevin L. de Keijzer, Stuart A. McErlain-Naylor, Antonio Dello Iacono, and Marco Beato)

Eccentric contractions exploit greater muscular mechanical efficiency in comparison to concentric contractions because greater levels of force can be produced with less energy.

(Hody et al 2019, Zamparo et al 2015)


Accentuated Eccentric muscle contractions can elicit a few beneficial neuromuscular adaptations: 


    1. Improved motor unit synchronization

    1. Selective Recruitment of Higher -order Motor Units

    1. Greater motor unit discharge rate(Hody et al 2019)

These responses represent key aspects for muscular strength and power development(Douglas et al 2017

Eccentric Overload Training absorbs more energy in less time is key to preventing injuries and increasing the performance. This absorbing of energy is best done by improving Eccentric strength and that by Eccentric Overload(EOL) training with Flywheel devices.Deceleration in sport by Dr.Damien Harper 



Benefits of Desmotec Eccentric Devices for Warm Up


    1. Eccentric contractions exploit greater muscular mechanical efficiency in comparison to concentric contractions 

    1. Recruits Higher-order Motor Units

    1. Improves Motor Unit synchronization

    1. PAP response 3-9 minutes

    1. Improves power/explosiveness as compared Concentric warm up

  1. Desmotec Devices are portable



Desmotec devices give you an edge in warm up for training or competition and they are so easy to use because they are so portable. Why wouldn’t you want to have this advantage right from the start. Contact Rubicon Sports to find out what devices are going to be best for you.


Paul Gagne(Posturologist and Strength Coach-Ice Hockey)

Found after a bout of squats with the Desmotec D Full that he and his players noticed an  Immediate increase in verticle Jump and a greater activation/power of the legs on the ice.

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Because of these features it is possible to go as fast as 3 reps per second

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