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University Strength and Conditioning Facilities

Currently there are 151 Universities and Institutes of Higher Education which are members of BUSA (British Universities Sports Association). BUSA for a long time been recognised as the governing body for university sport in the UK The Association provides an inter-university championship programme in 49 sports as well as a representative programme and teams are entered in the World University Games and World University Championships.

In the last 5-10 years there has been a large expansion in many of the Universities Sport Science departments. For many years Loughborough University and much more recently Bath University have lead the way with links to elite performance in England. Now many Universities throughout Britain are linking up with the EIS in England, the SIS in Scotland, SINI in Northern Ireland and the Welsh Institute in Wales in order to develop athletes through shared resources. Rubicon Sports has already started to provide equipment for some of these Universities.

University of Aberdeen

University of Cambridge

CardiffMet Sport/Chwaraeon

University of Dundee

The University of Edinburgh - The Pleasance

The University of Edinburgh - St.Leonards

University of East London

University of Glasgow

Universtiy of Glamorgan

University of Gloucestershire

Heriot Watt University

University of Kent

Newcastle University

Northumbria University

University of Salford - Manchester

University of South Wales

University of Stirling

Swansea University

TriFitness-Galashiels, Borders (Heriot Watt University/Borders College)