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Unique Selling Features

  • Engineering

  • Design

  • Load Cells(Force Plates)

  • Safety

  • Large range of Inertial Discs

  • Software

  •  Light and portable


COMPONENTS:  Engineered to the highest standards with the highest quality components which are almost all locally made and assembled by hand.

FRICTIONLESS MOVEMENT:  As a result of the design and engineering Desmotec devices are almost frictionless and so the devices can achieve the highest working speeds to reproduce reality.
Some of the reason why they are frictionless:

HIGH QUALITY BALL BEARING: similar to those in best Olympic bars (designed to flow so smoothly as to avoid wrist injuries)

PULLEYS ARE CIRCULAR and not Conical, this means that force is consistent between both the Concentric and Eccentric phases

Desmotec pulley

CORDS AND BARS: The quality and quantity of cords and bars as well as their design and positioning makes the force align
perfectly with the center of the body.

Designed by Pininfarina, the designers of Ferrari – Combining Power with Beauty

Load Cells(Force Plates)

Load Cells (Force Plates) give feedback on force through Isometric Testing as well as
during real time working; making it easy to make instantaneous corrections on imbalances when

Safety-Brake pedal

Load Cells(Force Plates)

Large range of Inertial Discs

Large range of Inertial Discs by desmotec
Large range of Inertial Discs by desmotec
Large range of Inertial Discs by desmotec


Fully customized to show all required measurement parameters and in the pininfarina, exercise videos.

Desmotec software image
Desmotec software image

Light and Portable