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Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation

Most injuries will be caused in the ECCENTRIC phase of motion so ECCENTRIC OVERLOAD  training is a very good Injury prevention tool. In the case of  rehabilitation the DESMOTEC Flywheel devices increase muscle activation and coordination by recruiting those high-threshold motor units and thus aids a quicker recovery whilst decreasing Muscle stress. They also reduce inflammation and pain in Tendons.

Because of its low-impact and non-weight bearing nature, The Desmotec equipment is particularly useful in the rehabilitation from ACL and Rotator Cuff Injuries where there is less strain in the knee and shoulder compared with other methods of rehab.

With the Desmotec Devices you have one complete system for recovery. The Integrated Load cells in each device measure the force in each leg or arm so immediately the physiotherapist can see impbalances

The Eccentric overload(breaking) produced from the  the isoinertial technology of the flywheel activates the high -level motor units producing stability and strength accelerating recovery in and around the wounded area

Eccentric Power and Return to sport after ACL reconstruction


In the case of a patient facing an ACL rehabilitation; the whole rehab program was based on a specific path focusing on muscular reinforcement, using mainly the Desmotec D and V.


During the first phases, Desmotec devices played a very important role in monitoring the patient’s progresses on shifting the load from healthy to operated limb, using D for balance and isometric tests, followed by exercises with specific strap on the V. The last phase of the rehab process was focused on achieving the complete leg extension, complete balance recovery and full load on the limb, using the V for functional movement equipped with a specific tool and isometric works.

Balance test on D -shifting load exercise  Isometric extension at specific knee angle on   v

Knee stand rotation

All Exercises performed on V

Functional sagittal                       

Lateral functional movement                 


Desmotec devices -D,E and V, helped the athlete recover from surgery by analysing and testing balance and strength with the E board and training with both the D and V devices. The athlete returned to play quicker than normally stipulated due to the excellent response of the High Motor Units from the ECCENTRIC training

Shoulder Recovery from Rotator Cuff surgery

The Eccentric overloading activates the high-threshold motor units in the complex shoulder region promoting strength stability and also encouraging the the Latismus Dorsi muscle to take some of the strain.


Much work has been done with the elderly to prevent falls. The Desmotec Eccentric training activates motor units, long atrophied(sarcopenia), in the elderly allowing them to regain the ability to sit and stand without distress. It also prevents them from being so susceptible to falling.