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The Impulse HPv.5

The Horizontal pulley, negates gravity and gives us a piece of equipment where acceleration and deceleration are the only criteria. This obviously enhances motor control and leads to better posture and balance.


How It Works

Power is a process not a result.

Impulse Training teaches the body as a whole to accelerate

This Develops:

Balance & Coordination

Functional Hypertrophy

Power & Endurance

Grace & Fluid Motion

nertial Exercise has a superior ability to influence neuromuscular education. No other exercise technology deals with the training of acceleration like it.   Like wise no other technology deals with training coordination like Inertial Exercise.  With other forms of exercise the user increases the weight or the tension in the exercise to increase muscle strength and performance.   Inertial Exercise is performed in exactly the opposite manner.  Reducing weight in the exercise increases muscle power and performance. In doing so the neuromuscular system develops higher levels of muscle contraction, coordination and reaction time.

Working with free weights always presents the issue of gravity.  Gravity has a dramatic influence on the muscles learning curve in dealing with acceleration.  The same is true of cable column technologies.  Inertial Exercise removes gravity from the equation.  The muscles performing the exercise of accelerating the weight are no longer influenced by gravity.  They are free to learn the experience of quick contractions without the damaging effects of gravities revenge. 

The energy of each repetition of Inertial Exercise is dictated completely by the ability of the muscles involved in the exercise.  As weight is removed from the sled the capacity for greater acceleration is presented.  Greater levels of acceleration require greater levels of coordination.  If the user has the necessary coordination and control of muscles involved then exercise continues.  If the user does not then operation of the machine is not possible.  That is to say each repetition is dependent on the coordination of the user.  The beautiful thing about Inertial Exercise is that if the user gradually reduces the weight while maintaining coordination then extremely high levels of coordination are attained at an incredible learning rate.

Coordination learned from Inertial Exercise quickly affect ones performance in athletics or daily living.   Joints become more reliable and less likely to acquire injury.  The body’s core becomes more stable and attains a higher level of balance.   And with this higher level of coordination comes confidence, physical power, and an injury free body.


erving the needs of others since 1984
Improving Physical and Athletic Performance
 by Building:

Neuromuscular Enhancement (Better Coordination)

Explosive Anaerobic Power & Endurance

Graceful Powerful Fluid Motion

Quickness, Agility and Speed

Muscle Hypertrophy

We began business in the summer of 1984, just two years after Steve Davison, founder, first created and experimented with Impulse Inertial Exercise.

Impulse Training machines were created to embody this new technology. Inertial Exercise is unique among all forms of exercise. Independent of gravity and elastic components, our products train the neuro system to efficiently control acceleration and deceleration from the core out. The result is better balance, coordination, explosive power, endurance and confidence. With no weights to fall or elastic components to break, Impulse Trainers are 100% safe while allowing the user to produce forces unattainable with any other form of exercise.

Our first market was the physical therapy industry. Inertial Exercise was quickly recognized for its neuromuscular training superiority. We then expanded to athletic training for rehab and injury prevention. Soon we were known as an incredible power performance development tool fulfilling the needs of athletic greats in their gyms, training centers and homes.

Now, twenty-seven years later, we are a one stop product for power performance, general conditioning, and therapy. Performance on the field, and research in the lab, confirm that Impulse Inertial Exercise produces graceful yet explosive championship results with any sport. Because it produces high energy output it creates large caloric demands. Yet, as a therapy tool, it provides quicker results in motion and pain management than any other device whether treating acute or general disabilities.

We hope you came to our web site because you were looking for ways to exceed your present performance. With Inertial Exercise you will experience a work out unlike anything your have done before. What ever your sport or activity you’ll feel the difference immediately.


HPv.5 Right Hand

Impulse Training Systems is the creator of Inertial Exercise.
It is the founding technology of all our Impulse Trainers.
We have over a quarter century of experience and practice
in rehabilitation and performance enhancement.
This technology has played a major role in enhancing the lives of patients
in rehabilitation, bringing dreams to reality in young athletes, and
bringing world championships to the elite of professional athletes.

With all this experience we’ve combined our knowledge into one product
that delivers all the benefits of all our previous models into a single unit.
We are proud to present the Impulse HPv.5
  This is our 5th generation Impulse and a true hybrid


Checkout our Dual

Single machines are offered in left hand models to accommodate your floor plan needs.  

Comes with 17.5 Pounds Weights,

Ankle Strap, & Line Handle

Printed Manual

CD Manual

DVD Instructional Exercise Programs

Quick and Simple Assembly- Just Bolt the upright to the frame (2 bolts) and you’re ready to go.

Delivers unmatched:
Injury Prevention
Performance Enhancement

Impulse offers an advanced training exercise technology
 that caters specifically to the demands of performance enhancement.
 Exercise focuses on developing 
acceleration, balance, scapular mobility, and core stabilization.
   All of the crucial elements of enhanced performance are honed
 to a fine edge. Injury becomes a thing of the past
  while performance is markedly improved.

Integrated accessory storage


“‘……. I purchased my first impulse approximately 3 years ago, since then I have purchased 2 more.  I have used them for every purpose from rehab to sports performance.  On the performance end of the equation, I have 9 pitchers that throw over 90 mph, and countless athletes that are considered very fast in terms of there sports testing modalities.  As far as rehab is concerned, I have helped people get back from countless shoulder, elbow, and ankle injuries.  I also had one female athlete come back from a “career ending” knee injury to be named 1st team All American fro Division 3 college soccer.  All in all I feel it is a great machine and has helped my business grow in many ways. 

Mike Hoban”

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