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Eleiko XF Bumpers, black

Article code:3002219-20              Weight :      20 kg
Width :120 mm                              Diameter :  450 mm
Colour :Black


Eleiko XF Bumper – 20 kg, Black

An awesome bumper in vulcanised rubber with a fixed hub in stainless steel. Withstands really tough conditions in the gym and CrossFit box!

Eleiko XF Bumpers have a substantial thickness from 30 to 120 mm, which means it will not fit as many discs on the bar. On the other hand, it is difficult to find more durable weight plates and it feels stable to lift – even with a low weight on the bar.

Quieter at the drop
The rubber in Eleiko XF Bumpers is softer than that used for Eleiko’s Olympic discs. XF Bumpers are therefore kinder to the surface and quieter at the drop.

NOTE When 5 kilo plates (Eleiko XF Bumper) are used on the barbell, the bar should not be dropped! If you want to perform your exercises using 5 kilo weights with a release, we recommend using the Eleiko Technique Discs 5 kg.

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