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Eleiko Sport Training Bar - 15 kg

Article code:3002096       Weight :       15 kg
Length :2010 mm             Colour :         Silver


Eleiko Sport Training Bar – 15 kg

A high quality sports training barbell, ideal for strength training at Olympic sports centers, professional sports clubs, commercial gyms and CrossFit boxes. Use it to squat, deadlift, free twists, jerks, power cleans, shoulder press… the list of possible exercises is long.

An Eleiko Sport Training Bar is made of Swedish steel that is chromed. Flexibility is perfectly balanced and durability unmatched. Release it as many times as you want and it will still be completely straight – year in and year out. With its smooth and consistent rotation it decreases the risk of damage to the wrists and shoulders.

215 000 PSI
The strength of an Eleiko bar is estimated to be 215 000 PSI. This means that it takes 215,000 pounds per square inch to tear the rod. Olympic barbells out in the market take between 130 000 and 150 000 PSI. Research shows that barbells with a value under 190,000 PSI become permanently bent over time.

Eight precision bearings
Every Eleiko Sport Training Bar has eight precision bearings for good rotation and a long life span. Perfectly sharp knurling gives the bar its famous “Eleiko feeling”.
Carefully tested all closing tested according Eleiko’s quality policy and get a unique numbering.
Eleiko Sport Training Bar is not calibrated according to the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) standard. That means it can not be used in competitions organised by the IWF.

Caring for Your Eleiko barbell
Do not leave the weights on the bar when not in use. Clean the grip regularly attached brush. Sharp edges can damage the chrome.